How To Grow A Discord Community

You should also avoid spamming, trolling, harassing, or offending other users or staff members. If you encounter any problems or issues with a server, you can report them to the server owner or moderators, or leave the server if necessary. Salutations friends, today we want to embark on a journey to find various Discord servers. Doing this will help us participate in some of our favorite communities across both gaming and media, and open the pathway to other communities that are taking advantage of the Discord platform.

However, there are differences about the platform and specific best practices that you should follow to lead the best community possible (more on that down below). An APK teardown can often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application, but it is possible that any of the features we mention here may not make it in a future release. This is because these features are currently unimplemented in the live build and may be pulled at any time by the developers in a future build.

On a private server, someone should send you the link before you can enter. On a closed server, however, you will request an invite before you can join that particular server. Discord, a versatile platform for communication and community building, offers a wide range of features to enhance user interactions.

In the four years it’s been around, Discord has managed to carve a spot for itself in almost every gamer’s life, and not just for its robust voice chat. It’s effectively an a la carte social media where you pick and choose both who gets to join your server and what rules they must adhere to. A Discord server can be lots of things to different people, from a gathering spot for a multiplayer squad to an art show to a political debate platform. Make sure to set a custom status on Discord to let your new friends know when you’re ready to chat.

We’re an $82-billion-a-year company last quarter, growing 27% year over year, so we have, of course, every use case and customers in every situation that you could imagine. What we see a lot of is folks just being really focused on optimizing their resources, making sure that they’re shutting down resources which they’re not consuming. The motivation’s just a little bit higher in the current economic situation. You do see some discretionary projects which are being not canceled, but pushed out. AWS now has more than 200 services, and Selispky said it’s not done building. Donna Goodison (@dgoodison) is Protocol’s senior reporter focusing on enterprise infrastructure technology, from the ‘Big 3’ cloud computing providers to data centers.

Building A Web3 Community On Discord

After you’ve clicked on the “Join This Server” button, you’ll be redirected to Discord. The final way to join a Discord server without an invite is to use Disboard. Go to and search for a server’s name, category, or tag. For example, if the highest voted server has 10,000 votes, it’ll be shown on the top of the search results. discord servers to join to join a Discord server without an invite is to use So if you want to find a smaller server, you have to navigate to the middle of the list.

Services To Find Discord Servers

If you want to join a specific Discord server, one of the ways to do so is by receiving an invitation. Invitations can be sent via a direct message, shared through a link, or through a server-specific code. This method allows you to join private or restricted servers that require an invitation to access.

It also allows you to screen share and stream directly to the app. For example, Fortnite leverages the platform’s strength in real-time community building with its “lfg” (looking for group) channels, where users can find other people to play the game with. For example, if you’re interested in gaming, you can search for tags like “gaming,” “RPG,” “FPS,” or specific game titles to discover servers dedicated to those topics. If you enjoy art, tags like “art,” “digital art,” or “illustration” can lead you to creative communities. Sites like,, and are popular choices for server discovery.

Discord uses end-to-end encryption to protect user data, which means that only the sender and recipient of a message can read its contents. However, Discord’s official API doesn’t allow user accounts to get user activity data from servers, such as user presence unless they are a bot account added to the particular server. However, if you want to explore the server on your own, you will need to join it. So, browse the channels of the server, participate in its discussions, and determine if it’s for you.

If the invitation link is valid and you are still not able to join the Discord server, move on to the next potential fix to resolve the issue. In case you find out that the invitation link to join the Discord server is expired or invalid, there is nothing you can do to fix it. All you can do is contact the server owner and ask him/ her to send a fresh link to join the Discord server.

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